I Want My Nerd HQ

It’s all for charity, too. Nobody who comes to Nerd HQ is getting paid. Every single celebrity that comes is doing it out of generosity and kindness of their heart because they believe in doing something good while interacting with their fans and it makes it something that is really beautiful and really special and everybody walks away from going ‘Wow, that was… That was really awesome. I’m really glad that I got to be a part of that.’ - Zachary Levi

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"They aren’t intended to be career role models. They are moral role models. Disney movies aren’t telling girls that they should limit their aspirations to becoming princesses; they are teaching them to adopt the values of Disney princesses: kindness (Snow White), compassion (Ariel), intelligence (Belle), humility (Cinderella), courage (Merida), and determination (Tiana), among others. These are worthy attributes for boys as well as girls, but the point is that Disney isn’t steering girls toward being future trophy wives – it’s promoting values that make you a decent person, regardless of your career or lack thereof." (x)


Yes yes. All my yes.

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